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About Us

Headquartered in mumbai - the financial capital of india, we are connected not just to the pulse of india but to that of the world. we operate across the globe, serving every segment of the human population – from the young to the old, from the fortunate to the unfortunate.


We are a vertically integrated company with emphasis on R & D and leadership in many therapeutic segments such as dermatology and orthopedics. We have an extensive product portfolio encompassing blockbuster as well as orphan drugs.


Our strength

Our strength lies in our people, the diversity they bring to the organization in terms of their backgrounds and their creative ability. The Human Resource Department at Neiss endevours to ensure that each of them gets fair chance to showcase their productivity.


Our philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple: Create a Win – Win situation for all by collaborations with other companies and academic institutions. We encourage alliances in R & D and are a supporter of the Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD) model. Neiss Labs has a strong sense of social responsibility. We have contributed free medicines to those in need all over the world.

Our Management comprises of entrepreneurs who have a vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Their work experiences include top level management positions in world known organisations. They maintain a well structured hierarchy at Neiss. It gives us the luxury of making faster decisions and easier communications.

Neiss is well bound to its 3 corporate ethics - to do the right thing, to work with integrity and fairness, and to make the ethics seep down both horizontally and vertically across the organisation. Such strategized planning enables us to build a bond of respect with the communities we work in.

Our vibrant work culture is designed to promote a sense satisfaction for employees. We work with a fast pace and friendly attitude. Our salary structures are one of the best in the industry. Yet the HRD creates opportunities not only for upward mobility but for cross training of employees to improve skill sets.