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Neiss Labs with its strength in scientific technology manpower, is a major player in contract manufacturing. We offer excellent contract manufacturing services not only to the domestic majors but also to MNCs around the world.

We have ability to develop new formulations through R & D as well as by tie-ups with companies who are interested in an alliance for technology transfer for manufacturing of established products. The advantage in partnering with Neiss is our ability to produce low cost formulation of high quality with the fastest possible turnaround time.

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Your Skin...

Ointments are the best known drug delivery form for your skin. They are ideal for external applications. Whether you wish to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays or address cosmetic changes, ointments cater to the ease of skincare in the best manner.

Disease Centre

Chickenpox is a illness that
causes an itchy ...
Ringworm of the skin is an infection caused by a ...
Scabies is an itchy skin
condition caused by a tiny...

Contract Manufacturing

Neiss Labs has opened its windows for contract manufacturing. We partner with our clients even on terms of contract manufacturing. Our ultimate goal is to offer affordable and modern formulations in the form of hygienic packaging. This is why we do not restrict our customers to a product catalog.

According to market research, contract manufacturing has been identified as one of the best means to establish fruitful business communications.

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We are committed to accelerate the lives of our stakeholders and colleagues through intellectual and financial empowerment by delivering exceptional performance in the global health economy.

Within 2020, grow NEISS into a globally-recognized healthcare company, and increase revenues by presenting quality and innovative brands for the health industry.

Valuing human relations by making every communication with our colleagues, doctors and buyers transparent as we aspire to grow through original and authentic ways.